Computer & Printer Purchase Guides

Buying a New Apple or Dell Computer

Note: If you are ordering a system exactly as specified in the one of the following quotes, you can simply print the appropriate quote to submit with your purchase order. If you would like to modify the recommended configuration in any way, follow the specific instructions below for the brand of computer you would like to purchase.

If you have any questions when ordering a new system please Contact the Helpdesk.

Some common ordering issues:

  • Each system should be ordered with a four year additional warranty.
  • Don't order Microsoft Office or an antivirus program; campus licenses are cheaper and/or provided for you.
  • For Windows systems, choose Windows 10.
  • If you have any questions, Contact the Helpdesk.

Dell Computer Quotes

Dell desktop quote with a 4 year warranty

To purchase this and all other quotes including laptop quotes please visit the Dell store in Gateway:

If you would like to modify the configuration in any way, please Contact the Helpdesk.

Apple Computer Quotes

Apple iMac quote with 4-year warranty

If you have any questions regarding the different warranties, or what is covered, please Contact the Helpdesk.

If you would like us to create a quote for individualized Apple computer, please contact the UCSB Bookstore Computer Department specifying the following:

  • Screen size
  • Hard drive size and type (HDD or SDD)
  • RAM amount
  • Peripherals (track pad, external disc drive, etc.)
  • And any other specifications you would like.

Printer Purchasing Guide

LSIT discusses cost, quality and other considerations when purchasing Inkjet vs. Laser Printers.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers can be purchased for under $200 and seem like a great bargain. Please be aware that there are several limitations that you should consider:

Very expensive consumables. Inkjet cartridges cost about $40 each and don't last very long. If you consider that the average faculty member using an inkjet printer will consume about one black cartridge per month, the cost of using an inkjet printer for the first year is well beyond the cost of purchasing and supplying a $400 laser printer for the same period.

If a problem arises, inkjets usually cannot be fixed. They must be returned to the manufacturer.

They print slowly and the quality is not “laser” quality.

LSIT does NOT recommend purchasing inkjet printers.

"All-In-One" Printers

All-In-One style printers incorporate a few products into a single chassis (Scanner, Printer, Fax, etc).  The downside of these devices is that the build quality for the individual parts is usually lower than that of comparable stand-alone units.

Another potential downside is in the inter-linked systems.  For example, if the Fax portion of the unit breaks, it could prevent you from scanning/printing documents until the device is repaired.

These devices  do save on desk space, but the need for space should be weighed against potential reliability/longevity issues.  If you have questions about All-In-One style printers, please Contact the Helpdesk. 

Laser Printers

There is a large selection of laser printers that can be purchased to fit the needs of an individual user or the needs of an entire department.  Hewlett-Packard has several models available with various options and capabilities including color laser and large-format printing.

Please Contact the Helpdesk for additional printer recommendations and vendor suggestions.

*Some printers have optional parts (Duplex units, extra paper trays, etc).  If you have questions about a printer please Contact the Helpdesk.