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The GauchoSpace Help Center provides detailed answers to over 100 of the most common GauchoSpace questions. This database of information continues to grow with each new help ticket received by Collaborate staff.

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Services & Support Request Forms

To quickly request help for a specific topic, please use the forms below.


Account Request

LSIT Services Account Request Instructions.

File/Web Services Request

Form to request the addition of file or web services to your existing account.

File/Mailbox Restore Request

Form to request a file/folder from a Fileshare, Webshare, or IMAP Mailbox restored from backup.


Networking Request

You can use this request to add or modify networking devices, or check port statuses.


Password Reset Request

Form to request a password reset for a user who has forgotten their password. May only be filled out by department MSO.

Mailman Request

Form to request a Mailman mailing list. Types available: Announce, Discussion, Functional, Private.

Mailman List Link Generator

Quickly find the link to manage personal information for Mailman mailing lists.

Quota Change Request

Form to request a change to the quota for a file/web share you own.

Share Request

Form to request a new file or web share.

Web Feature Request

Form to request additional features for a website including CGI (such as PHP), Search, Statistics, and Streaming.

MySQL Database Request

Form to request a new MySQL database.

Share Modification Request

Form to change owners on a share or change the share name.