File & Web Storage Services

File Shares

LSIT offers a file storage service that allows you to keep files on our server. The service consists of both a private home directory that cannot be shared, and file shares that you may assign permissions to allow others access. Access to file and web shares requires an account. If you need an account with LSIT, please speak with your department's business manager.

The service provides the following benefits:

  • Files stored on the server are backed up every night.
  • Files stored on the server are accessible from multiple locations. For more details see Accessing Shares.
  • Files stored on the server may be shared with other users. For more details please see our Permissions page.

The file storage service is meant to store data that is being actively worked on. Due to disk and backup resource limitations, the service is not designed to hold large amounts of archived data, or data that is static.

LSIT provides three types of storage on the server for your files:

  • Home Directory - for storing your personal (non-shared) files
  • File Shares - for storing and/or sharing active files
  • Web Shares - for publishing files on the World Wide Web (www)

If you would like to request a share, please fill out our Share Request Form.

Web Shares

A Web Share is a special type of file share. Web Shares have a web addresses associated with them (e.g

  • If you're interested in creating a Web Share for a class website, you are strongly encouraged to use Gauchospace, UCSB's official Course Management site. Go to for more information.
  • Training and assistance in setting up and using Gauchospace is available. Email to get the support you need.
  • If you are interested in using the Drupal Content Management System for your Department Website, please check the Departmental Web Hosting page.
  • If you have, or would like to use, the LSIT Search Web Feature, click here for more information.
  • Our Web Statistics service allows you to view statistics on web sites that you manage.  Check the Statistics page for more information.

For more information about the different Web Share Options, please see our HelpCenter Guide Pages

Class Web Shares

GauchoSpace is UCSB's official course management system, used for creating class websites. The features most commonly used by faculty are sending email to your class and posting files and assignments for students. Additional features include discussion forums, online gradebooks, assigning your TAs to administer their sections, and a quiz tool.

  • To create your class website, log in to GauchoSpace with your UCSBnetID and password.
  • Training and assistance in setting up and using GauchoSpace is available. Email to get the support you need.