Support and FAQs

The Connect Email migration project for the College of Letters and Science will take place over 4 waves. The Early Adopter group has already started migrating. The next Waves, will go-live through April 2017. To prepare users, there will be training sessions for each wave.

Training Schedule

Wave 3, please sign up for a training session by filling out the Introduction to Connect registration form.  The materials for each will be identical, so please feel free to attend either in your Wave. LSIT staff will also be available to answer any questions before or after the session.

The dates for the training sessions are as follows:

Wave 3 -

  • Friday, May 12 - 9:30am in SSMS 1301/1302 
  • Monday, May 15 - 2 pm in SSMS 1304 
  • Wednesday, May 17 - 9:30am in SSMS 1301 

RSVP on the Introduction to Connect Training Form 

Online Training

If you would like to learn more about G Suite for Education, the following online training options are available.

Visit the UCSB portal and enter your UCSBnetID and password to log in. Relevant trainings:

Google Training Videos, from Connect 

Connect Google Training Videos, includes longer videos on Connect and calendaring, specifically for UCSB departments. 


Using your new Connect Account, post-migration

Support documentation coming Soon!

For now, users can use the UCSB Connect website to learn about using your Connect, powered by Google's G Suite, account.

FAQs Related to the Migration Project

Below are some questions or topics that have come up related to the process of migrating your LSIT email account to UCSB's Connect service. If you have a question that is not addressed below, please contact us

For more FAQs and information regarding the Connect email service, please visit the Connect website.

How will I access my new emails?
Visit the UCSB Connect website and select 'Google Web App'.
Sign in using: <UCSBnetID> and your NetID Password
Google Apps is best experienced in the Google Chrome Browser. We strongly recommend using Chrome as your browser when accessing Google Apps. That said, Google is compatible with most modern browsers.
When will my department migrate?
A pilot group, the early adopters, was selected to make the transition in March. The remaining departments will migrate between mid-April through May. You will be notified of your migration date at least one month in advance. To see your wave, view the list of Waves for Email Migration. All details about the migration process will be published on the calendar.
Will my email address change?
Your email address will not change.  You can still send and receive emails using your current address.
What will happened to my archived mail?
Since mail archives are not stored on a centralized server, we are not able to include them as part of the automated migration activities.  The local mail archives will still be easily accessible through your mail client (Thunderbird, Apple mail, etc.).  Although we recommend using the Google Web App for accessing your email, you can still use your email client to view local mail archives.  Information and instructions on configuring your mail client for new email can be found on the Connect website.
What will happen to my mailing lists?
Mailing lists are being moved to 'Google Groups' which can be accessed through your UCSB G Suite account.  More information on using and managing your groups can be found here:
The email address associated with the mailing list will not change. You can simply add the email address of the mailing list to your mail message. This will distribute the message to all members of that list.
I'm forwarding my LSIT email account, will that still work?
All previously configured forwards will need to be re-configured once your acccount has migrated.  Please follow this guide to re-configure a forward:
We hope our migration to a new and improved email service will eliminate the need for many of our users to forward their email to a separate account. 
I have mail saved (local mail) on my computer/device, will that migrate over?
Locally stored mail will not migrate, however, it will still be easily accessible through whichever email client you were using to view the locally stored mail. 
Will all of my sent mail migrate over?
All sent mail stored on the server will migrate over.  Our goal is to migrate as much sent mail as possible from the sent mail folder in your previous account to your sent mail folder in your G Suite account.  If you do not see all of your sent mail initially, please look in your list of folders for other sent mail folders that contain sent messages.